Bette Midler & Sally Field Admit It…

I was watching Oprah’s Next Chapter show on her OWN Network the other day and they were playing an interview Oprah did with Bette Midler. Oprah asked her the question to the affect if she feels comfortable in her skin. I was shocked by Bette’s answer. Here is someone who has won a Grammy for a very successful music career, acted in countless movies and seemingly has it all. When she told Oprah she was only 60% comfortable and that the other 40% always worries, I was shocked. I would have thought with all her accomplishments she would have felt she “arrived” and would be confident because after all, she did it. She achieved the “American dream” that we all strive to achieve.

I then watched another episode where she interviewed Sally Field and she pretty much posed the same question to Sally. Again a very accomplished actress with Oscars and a slew of terrific films under her belt (not to mention she is one of my all time favorite actresses). Sally talked about her sabotaging voice in her head. In the description for the show Oprah said, “being plagued by self-doubt.” WOW! You mean Sally Field has those same stinking thinking thoughts that I do?! I was shocked yet again.

Just goes to show you that we are all human and just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean you are immune to the humanness we all experience.  What celebrity have you learned something from recently and what was the revelation that was revealed? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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