Follow Your Passion? Or Is It a Bunch of Hooey?

There is so much talk about “following your passion.” It all sounds great a wonderful but it leaves me stressed out and questioning my every move. I start to become regretful of what I haven’t done. Do you ever feel that way?

I came across some great articles that while the authors seem to challenge the notion of following your passion, they really just break down what that means and how that works.

One article I came across here talks about passion and a true calling. It really helped me to clarify.

I then read this article that I thought was going to tell me to follow my passion but instead gave me steps to make it more realistic and wasn’t a bunch woo-woo to make me feel good.

How about you? Have you always felt lost because you weren’t sure you were following your passion? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

UPDATE: I just found a new article here that I think is great and goes right along with this topic.


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2 Responses to Follow Your Passion? Or Is It a Bunch of Hooey?

  • Kelly says:

    Hi Angee! We met at the Southern C, and I emailed you earlier this morning about just this topic! How reassuring to know that someone else feels stressed and overwhelmed when the topic of “following your passion” comes up. It seems to be why I’m “stuck” right now. I also wonder about people who can hone in on their ONE passion! I have so many things I’m interested in, it’s hard for me to narrow it down. I love writing, food, stationery, animals, the South, traveling, and an array of other things that I know I am “passionate” about, but heck, how do you pick just one thing and go with that?! I’m excited to read the two articles you linked to. I was hoping the Summit would help me find some focus, but I’ve come away with even more ides and thoughts!

    • Angee Robertson says:


      I know all too well that feeling. There are times when I still feel that way. I’m going to reply to you privately.

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