Information Product Overload: When to Stop Listening and Start Applying

50's TV commercialBeing a business owner the last 11 years, I am a constant consumer of information. I am always learning and I am obsessed with success stories of others.  Of course add in the deluge of information products out there that will help you make “six figures” or “teach” you how to work less and make more money. I have fallen prey to some of these products and had less than stellar results. I’ve even shared my experience in a previous blog post here.

Recently, I was tempted again to buy in to some sales pitch, promising to help me find “my passion” as that was the secret sauce to success. I was so tempted to click the buy now button but decided not to. I started thinking of all the times before where I jumped at this type of opportunity only to be disappointed when either the information I thought I was going to learn wasn’t there. Or it was just enough to whet my appetite but if I really wanted to learn more I had to enroll in a more expensive program.

As I decided to forgo the looming deadline of “registering before midnight,” I received my daily Bible devotion from She Reads Truth that had the following statement which is a paraphrase from 2 Peter:

“These false teachers preach freedom, but are personally enslaved to indulging their own senses and fulfilling their own desires (v.19). They speak empty words that are full of personal boasting (v.18), and because they appeal to things people struggle to let go of (desires of the flesh) they lure people away from the Truth. It is especially easy for the weak or immature people to be lead astray (v.14).”

This just confirmed that I was making the right decision. Later that day, I was looking on Facebook and came across a great article by Jess Lively titled, “Produce Your Own Success Story.” I love what Jess says in her article:

“Though I think there is a lot to be said about bibliographies, success stories, advice and research, I also feel many of us are getting too comfortable sitting on the sidelines reading and watching other people achieve their dreams — and then attempting to replicate their achievements in our own lives. I challenge anyone who finds themselves easily caught in the research and advice trap to take a minute this afternoon and write their own success story.”

I don’t know about you but I truly believe when I hear something more than once, I should be like E.F. Hutton and listen. If you find yourself in the information overload process, I love what Jess recommends, “it’s time to stop reading someone else’s success story and start writing our own.”

What story will you write for yourself today? Have you ever struggled with information overload? I would love to know I’m not the only one out there. Leave a comment below.

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