Living Abroad – Where Would You Live?

The other day I was watching a marathon of HGTV’s show “Living Abroad”. Each episode followed several families or individuals who moved from the United States to live in another country. I was glued to the TV and felt like I had traveled all over the world after watching several episodes. I have often toyed with the idea of living in another country especially since my dad was in the military and I was born in Spain. I have yet to go back since we left when I was a toddler but it is certainly something I am going to do.

Living Abroad - Where Would You Live?The other day I came across this really great article about a girl who decided to take the leap and move to Paris. It is nice to hear other experiences and what it would take. I’m not sure that I’m ready for that big of a change but you never know. If I did make that leap, I would love to go to Spain. I love their work ethic of siestas in the afternoon and month long vacations. All of Europe for that matter seems to embrace life and all its enjoyments. In the U.S. we are lucky if we can get two days a week off from work and if you utter the word vacation you’re afraid you’ll find someone who has taken your place while you were gone.

I’m not referring to just those who have actual jobs but those of us who have service based businesses as well. Whoever came up with the idea of a five day work week with two days off seriously needs their head exam. I think we need to rethink this whole work strategy. I mean you work all week, get two days off, one of which you spend running errands you can’t get to during the week and the other day everything is closed in observance of religious beliefs. You then spend your Sunday mentally preparing for Monday. In essence, you never really get a day off! Okay, I’ll get off my soap box for now.

I leave this question for you to ponder: where would you go if you could move anywhere in the world? Where ever you go, don’t forget to take your Sheic Journal 😉


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